The Anti-Christ, the False Messiah, Al- Masih Dajjal whichever name you may choose to call him, he stands out to be one of the very few similarities that all the three Abrahamic religions share ; Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In a hadith recorded in Sahih Bukhari Ibn Umar narrates that the Prophet peace be upon him stood up before the people and praised Allah as He deserves, then he mentioned the Dajjal and said, “I warn you about the Dajjal, and there is no Prophet who did not warn his people concerning him. Prophet Noah peace be upon him warned his people about him, but I shall tell you something concerning him that no other Prophet has ever told his people. Dajjal is one eyed and your Lord Allah is not one-eyed.”

From Netflix’s Messiah, let’s turn back to the scriptures. This hadith will be a great place to start, let me break it down for you. Who is this person called Al- Masih Dajjal? What’s extra special about him that each and every Prophet warned his people about him? And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him tipped us with something that no other Prophet told his people that is, Dajjal is one eyed, your Lord Allah is not.

Who is Al- Masih Dajjal? It is important to note that Al Masih Dajjal is not a human being nor a jinn (ghost). Al Masih Dajjal is a Jasad. According to Qur’an (7:148, 20:88, 21:8) a Jasad is a body without a soul. Al Masih Dajjal is the name that the prophet gave to this Jasad meaning the false messiah. A soul less evil being, and since he doesn’t posses a soul he would not have free will or a self directed will to choose which path to follow, he is simply a trial created for mankind in a human body form, he is externally programmed to do what he is going to do. Allah can create anything in any form, He has created evil in form of envy, witchcraft etc and here, Dajjal is a form of its kind.

The Prophet declared that Dajjal will take the form of a Jewish young man but it’s important to know that he won’t have a spirit and also not posses independent thinking which human beings posses because of their creative intellect. The sole purpose of his existence on earth is just to test mankind.

Imran bin Hussain (May Allah be pleased with them) reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying, “Between time of the creation of Adam and the Resurrection Day, there is nothing greater in mischief than the mischief of Dajjal (the Antichrist).”

Such an identification of a Jasad was then made in a special incident in the holy Qur’an. Allah says “And we certainly tried Suleiman AS when we placed on his throne a Jasad i.e a human body without a soul (and when Suleiman AS saw what was in store) he thereupon turned towards Allah and made a prayer, he said [My Lord forgive me and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me. Verily you are the Bestower]”. (Qur’an 38:44/45)

The Muslims and Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus and that an impostor will precede him i.e The Anti-Christ. With the Jews it’s blimey. The little known end time beliefs of the Jews according to the Talmud and other scriptures, they believe the original Jesus was an impostor and that they are expecting the real Messiah who will have a Jewish ancestry to come rebuild the Jewish temple on the Grand mosque of Al Aqsa and establish a Jewish Kingdom in Jerusalem similar to that of Prophet David and Solomon. The Jews will play a huge role in the Anti-Christ’s rise to power, they have confidence that the Jasad will match the kingdom of Solomon and that is far fetched.

What’s extra special about him that each and every Prophet warned his people about him? One thing that never ceased to fill me with wonder when I was a child was a magic show. I would pay any amount to attend one and of course in the front row, it used to fascinate me so much how a magician on stage will pick up a long and hard sword and appear to swallow the whole thing at once! After a few seconds or minutes, the magician will lift it back up as it appears without a glitch or when for the whole show, a magician is wearing his hat. But what happens next? he waves his hat in the air and out pops a real-life bunny! How can it be that a real rabbit appears out of nowhere?

You catch my drift?

Part of you will tell you that’s just a trick and you don’t find it so real but the eyes hardly disbelieve what they see. Now let me tell you about Dajjal. He is the master of magic show , he is the king of trickery and the lord of deception. He will have Paradise and Hell with him, though his Paradise will appear beautiful, in reality it will be Hell, and likewise, though his Hell will appear like horrific, in reality it will be Paradise. He will travel by means of a gigantic mule, at impossible speeds. He will cause droughts and famine upon those who reject him. He will command the sky to rain, and the earth to bring forth vegetation and will at least once bring back to life parents of a man who died long ago and so many other tricks. The eye believes what it sees.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said Dajjal is one eyed , your Lord Allah is not. A concept that so many Muslims have mastered. We all anticipate to see a one eyed powerful guy and immediately recognise him to be Dajjal. We have taken it so literally that there are even sketches of a one eyed man expected to be Dajjal. What if , just what if the interpretation we have is imprecise? what if a handsome young man, not blind, appears in front of you? Will you rule him out to be Dajjal? Remember Dajjal is a master of deception and has a bag full of tricks, can’t he deceive you that his eyes are just pretty ordinary?

This subject is complex. First of all you can’t see the blindness of Dajjal if you are blind yourself. The reference of blindness is not to be understood literally. Let’s turn back to the Qur’an. Allah says “For indeed, it’s not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts.” It could be that Dajjal’s blindness is an interpretation of internal blindness, he doesn’t lack sight but he lacks insight. If he were literally blind in the one eye then it would’ve been so easy to recognise him, but this is a test and tests are not as easy as they may seem.

The closest comparison the prophet peace be upon him made about Dajjal is that he likened him to a man known as Abdul Uzza ibni Qatan. According to narrations Ibni Qatan had lived and died in the Pre-Islamic era. The comparison was not moral but rather physical. Ibn Qatan was not blind in any of his eyes but had protruding eyes as the Prophet said “Dajjal’s eye looks like a floating grape, the person who looks most like him is Ibni Qatan.”

To emphasize Ibni Qatan was not blind.

And no one knows its true interpretation except Allah.

Have you found this helpful and educative? Are there some things that you didn’t know that you now know? So many people would like to know what you have just known. Please pass it on. Share the word.

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