Since Netflix Dajjal is trending, it’s time to create something parallel to theirs. I hope to see many informative and of course authentic narrations regarding Dajjal, Mahdi and the end of times. We need to prepare our brothers and sisters psychologically and equip them with the knowledge that they can use in these periods of confusion this space we are stepping into the year 2020 ..the 2020s are going to be so unnatural”. 

That was just an excerpt from my article “Netflix Messiah” towards the end of the last year. The article was about a film that released on the new year’s day of the new decade. The film attracted a lot of talk and reactions, as a result, I had my say. I highly recommend you to read that article if you haven’t. .

The provocative Netflix series imagines how the modern world would respond to Jesus Christ’s eschatological return. If the Messiah were to come, how would we receive him? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions quit their lives to follow him? Could governments collapse? 

In any Millenial year, if someone came out proclaiming to be the messiah, I bet he will find it very hard to attract followers. I think even if he does attract, he will have fewer followers than football fans. Basically one would rather watch the world cup finals than follow a so-called Messiah to a journey to so-called heaven. 

But just imagine a lifetime where there is total chaos, humans afflicted with trials and tribulations. Global warming on their necks, a deadly plague claiming thousands of lives, economies collapsing, superpower nations getting into the bloodiest war in human history, the bloody nuclear war, a hunger-stricken world and the gates of the skies closed. 

Civilization on the brink of collapse, humans fearing extinction. 

On a day like that, I think it’s only a saviour the world will crave for. A Messiah not captain America. Honestly, it won’t be hard for one to follow him..

Yes! that could be us in this decade. 

As a result of Global warming, we have seen the highest number of volcanic eruptions since records began in the opening three months of this year, the warmest temperatures and the most abnormal weather patterns across the globe. Covid-19 Pandemic has already claimed thousands of lives across 150 countries, over a half a million people have been infected and the graph is showing no signs of flattening any time soon. The G7 has been shaken, the world has come to a standstill. Coronavirus has exposed the World powers and a Global economic crash is imminent. IMF director confirmed on Friday that the world has officially got into a recession. The great depression part 2.

Worst locust outbreaks for decades is threatening our food security and could throw us in a freakish drought season, and they say a hungry man is an angry man, a hungry and broke world could easily go into war and if you didn’t know all it takes is an idiot like Trump to press a nuclear button and start a bloody nuclear war.

Intuitively something is telling the world that it is on the brink of a catastrophe. Sometimes I think leaders like Trump and Boris Johnson (the ginger twins) were placed in power to create chaos. Trump has for several times boasted in the Media that he is the chosen one. Chosen for what? I am convinced that the Messiah cannot be accepted until a road or an environment is prepared for his coming. Likewise, he cannot come until there is total chaos, so that he brings peace amidst that chaos.

Technically, all Abrahamic religions agree in the coming of a Messiah towards the end of times and they further concur in the forthcoming of a period of trials and tribulations right before the second coming.

The Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus and that his followers will attain salvation. In Christian Eschatology the Great Tribulation is a period where everyone will experience worldwide hardships, disasters, famine, war, pain, and suffering, which will affect all of creation, and precede the judgement of the wicked people of the Earth when the second coming takes place(Wikipedia).  Revelation chapters 6-19 describe that terrible time of seven years of hell on earth before the second coming, depicted as such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.  (Mathew 24:21). 

The Jews on the other hand, completely ignore the first coming of Jesus. The end-time beliefs of the Jews according to the Talmud and other scriptures, is that the original Jesus was an impostor and that they are expecting the real Messiah who will have a Jewish ancestry to come rebuild the Jewish temple and establish the Jewish Kingdom in Jerusalem similar to that of Prophet David and Solomon. 

The Great tribulation in the Talmud is a future seven-year period when God will complete his discipline of Israel and a final judgement upon the unbelieving citizens of the world. The Jews further believe that they will be immune to the tribulations preceding the coming of the Messiah and are meant to be purified and prepared for the arrival of the Messiah by the tribulations. The Midrash an ancient commentary on part of the Hebrew scriptures, attached to the biblical text says that the night before the coming of The Messiah a plague will spread across the world. 

Apparently, the Messiah mentioned in the Christian and Jewish scriptures appearing amidst a period of Great Tribulations is actually the Antichrist. Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam, we are able to learn and differentiate between the Real Messiah and the impostor. Islam has profoundly spoken on the subject of the Antichrist(Dajjal) and the Tribulations(fitan) preceding the Messiah’s coming. The greatest and severest tribulation to ever afflict mankind according to Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him would be the coming of the Anti-Christ, who will proclaim to be the Messiah. Strangely, both the Christian and Jewish scriptures have little or no mention of the False Messiah. As a result you will understand how it will be easy for the Antichrist to deceive majority of Christians and Jews.

Islam mentioned of the events and tribulations that would precede the appearance of Dajjal(Antichrist), let’s take a look at some of the events.

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar:

When we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), he talked about periods of trial (fitnahs), mentioning many of them. When he mentioned the one when people should stay in their houses, some asked him: Messenger of Allah, what is the trial (fitnah) of staying at home?

The fitnah of Al-Ahlas (continuous calamity) Is fight and plunder. Then, the fitnah of As-Sarraa [meaning ‘the rich’, when some reach people use their money to hire others to fight for them] will start from under the feet of a man who claims that he is of me (of my descendants). However, he is not of me, for my loyal friends are the ones who have taqwa. Afterwards, people will unite around a man whose reign is unstable. Then, the fitnah of Ad-Duhaymaa [it is called ‘dark and black fitnah’ because of its enormity] will start and will not leave any member of this nation without severely touching him. When it is thought that it is finished, it will be extended. Meanwhile (during this fitnah), a man will wake up as a believer and will meet the night as a disbeliever, until people divide into two camps: A camp of belief that contains no hypocrisy, and a camp of hypocrisy that contains no belief. If this happens, then await the Dajjal on that day or the next.”

The Prophet spoke of a series of trials before the coming of Dajjal and the severest and the longest of them all will be the black trial which will be afflicted on every one of us. Everytime people think everything will go back to normal soon, Allah will set upon them another calamity. The trial will be so long and so hard that it will separate hypocrisy from belief to an extent no hypocrite will be mixed with believers. Weak faith will be exposed, Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful and He will surely make evident the liars. If that does happen, Dajjal could appear in a day or two.

Narrated by Mu’adh ibn Jabal:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: The flourishing state of Jerusalem will be when Yathrib is in ruins, the ruined state of Yathrib will be when the great war comes, the outbreak of the great war will be followed by the conquest of Constantinople and the conquest of Constantinople is when the Dajjal (Antichrist) comes forth. He (the Prophet) struck his thigh or his shoulder with his hand and said: This is as true as you are here or as you are sitting (meaning Mu’adh ibn Jabal).

Jerusalem is at the centre of our World today, if not physically at least symbolically. During its long history, Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice. All three Abrahamic religions claim their right over the holy city, the first of the wars fought in the holy city were between 1099 to 1277 AD directed by the Western European Christians in a bid to recover the holy city from the Islamic rule, famously known as The Crusaders war. In the early 20th century the city, Jerusalem became the focus of the competing national aspirations between Zionists and Arabs. This struggle often erupted in more wars. Today Jerusalem is still centre of the world’s attention, the US officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel a move that caused a stir across the globe and resulted to a UN resolution where all the Nations voted . It’s all been about Jerusalem, and by the way, what have you heard of Madina (Yathrib) recently? Absolutely nothing. Mind you, Madina was the capital of Islam and everything was run from there, it’s now dysfunctional. The prophecy is that when that happens, the Great war will take place. The prophet described it to be so severe to an extent birds will fall from the skies from the effect of the war and 99 out of every 100 fighters will perish. The nuclear war is the only close comparison to the Malhama. Today over ten World powers are in possession of weapons of mass destruction. The result of the Great war will be the Muslims conquest of Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. One of the strangest thing of our time is that Constantinople the original name of the most ancient city in the World, was changed to Istanbul in the early 20th century when the Islamic Caliphate was toppled in Turkey. I find it so peculiar that the ancient name is fading from our generation but the prophecy will surely age well. The conquest will provoke the appearance of Antichrist.

Narrated by Abdullah ibn Busr:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: The time between the great war and the conquest of the city (Constantinople) will be six years, and the Dajjal (Antichrist) will come forth in the seventh.

There is a common denominator in the Christian and Jewish scriptures on the concept of the Great Tribulations. Seven years of tribulations. Seven years is also the time prophesied from the start of the great war to the appearance in Islamic eschatological beliefs. Seven years is also the period of drought that occurred during the time of Prophet Yusuf. Allah says in Sura Yusuf verse 111 “There was certainly in their stories a lesson for those of understanding

Narrated by Ibn Khuzaimah:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “There will be three hard years before the Dajjal (appears). During them, people will be stricken by a great famine. In the first year, Allah will command the sky to withhold a third of its rain, and the earth to withhold a third of its produce. In the second year, Allah will command the sky to withhold two thirds of its rain, and the earth to withhold two thirds of its produce. In the third year, Allah will command the sky to withhold all of its rain, and it will not rain a single drop of rain. He will command the earth to withhold all of its produce, and no plant will grow. All hoofed animals will perish, except that which Allah wills.” He (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam) was asked, ‘What sustains people during that time?’ He said, “Tahlil, takbir and tahmid (Saying, la ilaha ill Allah, Allahu Akbar and Al-hamdulillah). This will sustain them just as food does.”

Three years where the sky will withhold its rain in phases were also prophesied. No rain for three years would surely mean an unprecedented drought period. Listen to the beautiful solution the Prophet gave to us, hold onto Tahleel, Tasbeeh and Tahmeed. They will sustain just as food does and that’s probably what we need in our current times. Only faith and connection with the creator will take us through these surreal times.

God is who determines times and seasons. Very few people lived through times when history pages were written. We are watching an ever changing world. The year 2020 could be the start of a series of events that would forever change our way of life. Something is coming surely, something is coming soon and we better be prepared for it.

The sun is setting. May we not ignore the signs that are right before our eyes. May we not be slow in heart to believe in them.

During this unprecedented time in our history we want to make our Islamic resources available for all our brothers and sisters. If you found this helpful and informative please share share share.

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