Coronavirus. Is it an act of God to punish the world? Is it a man-made virus to disrupt the world order? We need to take a balanced approach. I agree to both and I will tell you why. 

Allah s.w says, “Corruption and disorder has appeared on land and in the sea because of what the hands of people have done. Thus He causes them to taste the consequence of some of what they have done, so that they may (take heed, repent and reform) return (to the right way).”

“Corruption and disorder have appeared on land and in the sea

Three months ago, life was just beautiful. Then came, Coronavirus. The virus is now in everyone’s mouth, it has spread to almost every country, infecting at least a million people whom we know about, and many more whom we do not. It has crashed economies and broken health-care systems. Filled hospitals, emptied public spaces and shut the doors to religious places. It has separated people from their workplaces and friends. It has disrupted modern society on a scale that most living people have never witnessed. Like World War I and world war II , this pandemic has already imprinted itself upon the world’s biggest disasters.

Whatever affliction befalls you, it is because of what your hands have done”. So begs the question, which hands are responsible for this corruption on planet earth?


Wuhan, China. A city of 11 million people where the brutal invisible enemy was born. It was not until after at least a month and a half that the World was told. According to emerging diseases experts the virus may have made contact with the first human sometime in mid-November of last year. Cases of a strange flu started surfacing at around that time, but the Chinese Authorities tried to downplay it.

A group of doctors in China who were distressed by the bizarre cases they were seeing were suppressed, chief amongst was Dr Li Wenliang, the whistle blower who tried to warn the world. Dr Li warned colleagues on social media in late December about a mysterious virus that would become the Coronavirus epidemic and was silenced for raising that alarm. He was detained and charged with “seriously disrupting social order.” Li was one of eight doctors who were detained for “spreading unfounded rumours” about the deadly disease’s outbreak according to the Chinese authorities. Dr Li later died of the disease he warned about.

The head of the emergency at Wuhan central hospital Dr Ai Fen came out to confess in public that authorities had stopped her and her colleagues from warning the world. Two weeks later she disappeared, whereabouts unknown. Testing labs had cracked the code and identified coronavirus by 27th December last year according to the Washington post, but were forced to handover or destroy their samples. 

On new year’s eve, China finally alerted the World Health Organization to several cases of an unusual pneumonia. The communist Government claimed that the new virus started from an animal market, most probably from a bat and they were taking measures of closing down the markets. With just over 40 cases, they had it in control. A story, the whole world bought !!

By January 11th, the state authorities reported a major discovery and the Chinese scientists shared the genetic sequence of the new virus. Coronavirus(Covid19) WHO applauded China’s efforts for sharing information readily. The scientists insisted there was no evidence of human to human infection. Again a narrative, the whole world agreed to.

“Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” read a statement from WHO official twitter handle on Jan 14th.

But that was not true.

The Chinese government reportedly knew the disease was spreading from person to person before the tweet was sent according to the South China Morning Post. it’s just the rest of the world was kept in the dark. At this point the country had begun expelling all foreign journalists. 

The regime was clearly allowing the virus to spread around by deliberately hiding the truth. It was not until January 20th that the Chinese Government finally admitted what it was hiding, that the deadly virus was contagious and could be transmitted from human to human.

Before the authorities enforced a lock down, 5 million people are estimated to have been allowed to leave Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus to go to different parts of the world without being screened for Covid-19. By the time world was waking up, the virus had crossed to almost all borders. According to Epidemic analysts there would have been a 95% REDUCTION in cases and less spread if China stopped covering the virus, but it didn’t.

There is no doubt many casualties and deaths occurred in China due to Covid-19. Was the cover-up intentional? Why would a country with a capacity like China seemingly allow the virus to grow and kill it’s own people?

Because everything is fair in love and war.

This is a war between the US and China. I’ll briefly tell you a story of two of the world’s biggest economies who locked horns.

The two wealthiest countries started a trade war back in 2018. 

US President, Donald Trump, accused China of unfair trading practices and the US president kicked off the trade war in 2018 by imposing tariffs in two waves to encompass around $400bn worth of goods shipped between the US and China. In China, there was a growing perception that America was trying to curb its global economic prowess. For the first time since the Chinese revolution, Beijing openly regarded the US as a threat.

U.S. imports from China fell at the fastest rate since the onset of the trade war, which gave the US an important advantage against their rivals China. The U.S. trade war slowed China’s 2019 economic growth to its weakest pace in nearly 30 years.

Beijing struggled to manage the impact of a punishing trade war with the US. So how could china fight back and protect it’s status quo?

Start a biological war.

President Xi’s terminology is a major clue. He said, on the record, that this was “war”. And, as a counter-attack, a “people’s war” had to be launched.

China might have just used a bio-weapon to start WW3.

An Israeli Biological Warfare expert, Dany Shoham in a writing as a part of his research in a journal revealed a “Lethal animal virus epidemic coronavirus, which has sent panic waves across the world, may have its origins at the epicentre of the epidemic, Wuhan, in a laboratory which has been linked to China”s covert biological weapons program.”

The fact that the Chinese Government tried to suppress the attempts of the whistle blowers who tried to warn the public of the pandemic, is rather alarming and makes it easy for one to buy such a conspiracy theory.

But that’s not all.

When mankind is facing their biggest crisis right now, it is China who is standing out to benefit. China has declared it has got the virus under control and guess what? Animal markets are back in business, the only difference is that there are policemen who stop people from taking pictures now. China has so far sent medical help to more than 100 countries worldwide. When the whole world is in a lock down, shopping malls and retail plazas are re-opening in Wuhan the one time epicentre of the deadly pandemic. Beijing is bouncing back ,and it is doing so quickly. Factories are up and running again.

China are seemingly boosting their businesses by creating opportunities, it sent the world to ICU, now it is selling them ventilators. What else does the world need right now? Masks. Guess who is filling the gaps? China is now working overtime to supply the world. According to reports, more than 9000 new manufacturers started producing masks in the first 2 months of 2020. China’s daily mask production has now crossed 116 million.

China has now turned the tables on her rival. The US economy is at it’s worst for decades. The country now has the most coronavirus cases in the world and is more in need of medical supplies. A commercial aircraft carrying 80 tons of gloves, masks, gowns and other medical supplies from Shanghai touched down in New York on Sunday, the first of 22 scheduled flights that White House officials say will funnel much-needed goods to the United States by early April as it battles the pandemic. 

According to top economists, China, may come out of this crisis looking better than was expected. Although the damage inflicted on the economy was thought to be a huge blow, the country remains among the world’s fastest developing economies. China is also one of the few major economies in the world that have maintained a normal monetary policy through out this crisis. A sharp decline in economic activities in China, followed by a rapid recovery is set to give a heads up to China. IMF Managing Director said in a statement that the “most likely scenario we now view is a V-shaped economic transformation from China”. There is no doubt China is hugely profiting from this crisis and when the Coronavirus thing ends, China will be economically miles ahead of the US and the rest of the World. 

“Thus He causes them to taste the consequence of some of what they have done- Allah’s punishment”

Now the whole world is ailing from the consequences of the war between power nations. It has cost thousands of lives and no single life is safe. But what have we done that is worthy of this calamity that we have seen? 

Lest we forget the last thing an 8-year old Syrian child said before he died “I will complain to God about everything”. The oppressors were dropping endless bombs on Syrian kids, the Muslim world was silent when they had the capacity to confront the oppressors. Glorified He is, Look at the world today. Look at the oppressors and the murderers today living in terror of the virus. And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do.

Where are the NATO allied nations? Where are the so called Superpowers? Where are the ones who were boasting to have reached top of the moon? We are expecting them to solve this pandemic now. Bring out Captain America to treat this disease. Regrettably, all of them are hiding in their tight shells.

Look what is happening to the EU. Look at the US. All the oppressors are on their knees. Europe is saying that they have done all they could, their only hope remains up in the sky. They say it now? Didn’t they know that the skies were watching when they were dropping bombs on the Syrian kids? Their pride and arrogance made them think their acts will go unpunished. I pray that they forever remain in this horror. I pray that they do not go back and drop bombs on our brothers and sisters after corona. I pray that no one is ever oppressed again after corona.

“So that they may (take heed, repent and reform, and so) return (to the right way).

Ya Allah we have seen your Might, we have seen your Grace, we have witnessed your Strength. We praise you and we glorify you. There is no power nor ability except that which is bestowed by Allah. Ya Allah we have seen your Might we beseech you not to extend the afflictions on us. Ya Allah we have realised that we are weak and poor in front of your Might. Your mercy encompasses all things. Ya Allah do not punish us with our sins, remove this affliction from our cities and households, heal all our sick, protect our weak bodies. Ya Allah we beseech your mercy, grant us permission to worship you in our mosques before Ramadhan, Ya Allah do not take away from us the blessing of Hajj and Umrah. Ya Allah open for us the gates of the Prophet’s mosque. Ya Allah do not extend on us this affliction. Your mercy Ya Allah.


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  1. Ma shaa Allah🤗🤗this is great! You’ve spoken what’s there and what is in most people’s minds and enlightened those of us who didn’t know.May Allah guide us through this🤲


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